Pilates Hybrid 2.0

28 Days

Welcome to Pilates Hybrid 2.0 combining Pilates Strength and Running to create my ultimate weekly split. Expect to be more consistent than ever with this 28 day plan focusing on variety.


Target the entire body with this sculpt style class - my favourite!
Using: small hand weights and Pilates ball.

Day 1 - Full Body Sculpt
21 Mins

This is a run or walk day followed by this short and challenging core series using the Pilates ball.
Focus on a slow and steady 30 min jog or walk then home to challenge the abs.

Day 2 - 30 Min Walk/Run + Express Abs
12 Mins

Challenge the body with this strength focused class with extra focus on the Legs and glutes.
Im using a heavier weight ( 5kg ) and an optional Pilates band.

Day 3 - Strength
27 Mins

Today we target the full body with some mobility exercises to lengthen and stretch sore muscles.
Pilates ball can be used for a further challenge.

Day 4 - Full Body Sculpt with mobility
27 Mins

This session is designed to build strength in the upper back, arms and abs while also improving mobility in the spine.
Im using wrist or hand weights and an optional resistance band.

Day 5 - Posture Sculpt
21 Mins

This is our long slow cardio day choose between a walk or run. Followed by our new runners stretch focused on opening the hips and spinal rotation. No equipment needed.

Day 6 - 60 Min Slow Run/Walk + Runners Stretch
15 Mins

It is important to take a day to rest and recover.

Day 7 - Rest Day
All day

This workout will really work the core glutes and legs, we start with a core warm up before moving in glutes and standing leg work, optional bands and ball for a further challenge.

Day 8 - Core Glutes Legs
29 Mins

Welcome back to another run day, aiming for 30 minutes of steady cardio followed by one of my favourite core workouts. A challenging core class at a controlled pace using a Pilates ball.

Day 9 - 30 Min Run/Walk + Express Controlled Abs
16 Mins

This class has a lot of variety and we get the best of both worlds strength and sculpt. Designed to level up your Pilates. Make it more challenging by adding a heavier weight ( 5kg ), a Pilates ball and band. Or choose no equipment if needed.

Day 10 - Strength and Sculpt
28 Mins

Enjoy this low impact Pilates flow with mobility. Im using a Pilates ball and small hand weights.

Day 11 - Pilates Flow
26 Mins

This short series will challenge the arms and the abs.
We complete an arms circuit ( you can use a weight that suits you or no weight at all ) then a high plank series then repeat the arms circuit.

Day 12 - Express Arms
14 Mins

Today is our long run or walk day followed by a short stretch video is designed to leave you feeling amazing after a run or a week of Pilates. This is a collection of my favourite stretches that have really made a big difference.

Day 13 - 60 Min Long Run/Walk + Recovery Stretch
16 Mins

It is important to take a day to rest and recover.

Day 14 - Rest Day
All day

Challenge the entire body with this Pilates band workout.
We focus on strengthening the legs, core, glutes, posture, arms, like I said this is a full body workout.

Day 15 - Full Body Pilates Band
28 Mins

This is an express workout all done in 15 mins with extra focus on the glutes and abs.
optional resistance band for a further challenge. All exercises can be done without the band also.

Day 16 - Express Band | Glutes & Abs
15 Mins

This class is designed to focus on building strength with a mix of functional fitness movements and the Pilates principles to get a full body workout.
Im using a 5kg weight but you can do this with weights you have available at home.
We start with the strength based circuit followed by our Pilates circuit.

Day 17 - Strength
30 Mins

This is a Pilates sculpt designed to move the whole body. The Wild Pilates Sculpt classes are a challenge on the co-ordination and a power option class but we take the time to set up new movements to really challenge the body without rushing through the movements.

Day 18 - Full Body Pilates Sculpt
22 Mins

Today's workout is designed to strengthen the upper back and arms with a strong focus on the abs.
We use the bands and the ball to challenge the body further. You can use small hand weights instead.

Day 19 - Arms Abs Posture
26 Mins

Today is our long run or walk day followed by this short whole body stretch and mobility session designed to be done on its own, as a recovery or can be added to the end of any workout. I am using a Pilates ball or pillow/cushion.

Day 20 - 60 Min Long Run/Walk + Stretch and Mobility
14 Mins

It is important to take a day to rest and recover.

Day 21 - Rest Day
All day

Today is day one of the hybrid plan this is a challenging workout and will be amazing to build strength to support your running or other cardio.
Im using optional heavy + medium Pilates bands. If you dont have them or its too challenging, do all movements without the bands.

Day 22 - Glutes Legs Abs
31 Mins

Today we complete a 30 min run or walk followed by this express abs class designed to take your core work to the next level. Im using a Pilates ball.

Day 23 - 30 Min Run/Walk + Bite Size Deep Abs
15 Mins

This circuit is designed to be done on the days you want to really challenge the body, build strength with the option to use heavier weights.
We focus on lots of glute strengthening, legs and arms with support from the core. I will be using an incline ( a couch ) you can use a chair or couch at home or a box or bench at the gym. I am also using 5kg weights.

Day 24 - Pilates Strength Circuit
32 Mins

This class is designed to move and wake up the entire body, leaving you energised for the day.

Of course this class can be done at any time of day it is just a fantastic way to get moving to feel good. No equipment is needed however you are welcome to hold option hand weights for some movements.

Day 25 - Morning Movement
22 Mins

This session is one of my favourites designed to focus on strengthening the upper back, shoulders and arms.
Im using small hand weights ( 0.5 - 1 kg ) or you can use the weight of your hands.

Day 26 - Arms | Back | Shoulders
22 Mins

We are back with another long run or walk aiming to run at a steady pace. Followed by a stretch class focusing on relaxing and melting into the stretches to slow the mind and the body. No equipment needed.

Day 27 - 60 Min Run/Walk + Wind Down Stretch
26 Mins

Well done for completing the Hybrid plan. Designed to leave you feeling empowered to create your dream weekly split based on what suits you best. Be sure to rest and recover today.

Day 28 - Rest Day
All Day