Weekly Schedule

This weeks top picks and the new release workout designed to create an ideal week of Pilates!

This weeks theme: Pilates Sculpt

Monday – May 20

Gentle & Power: NEW RELEASE Full Body Sculpt with Mobility 32 mins

Tuesday – May 21

Gentle: Walk + Gentle Core Reset 16 mins

Power: My Go to Travel Series 16 mins + optional walk/run

Wednesday – May 22

Gentle: Gentle Full Body 21 mins

Power: Strength and Sculpt 28 mins

Thursday – May 23

Gentle & Power: Arm and Posture Sculpt 20 mins

Friday – May 24

Gentle: Feel Good Pilates 25 mins

Power: Full Body Sculpt 21 mins

Saturday – May 25

Gentle: Low Impact Sculpt 30 mins

Power: Standing Sculpt with Arms/Abs 27 mins

OR Long run for Hybrid

Sunday – May 26

Rest Day

Please feel free to make it your own, take rest days when you need or substitute your favourite workouts. Beginners, pre/post natal clients see dedicated sections in the video library.