Pilates HYBRID

7 days

Welcome to Pilates Hybrid combining Pilates, Strength and running to create the ultimate weekly split. This is a 7 day programme, ideally aiming to complete 2 - 3 weeks.


Today is day one of the hybrid plan this is a challenging workout and is designed to build strength to support your running or other cardio.
Im using optional heavy + medium Pilates bands. If you dont have them or its too challenging, do all movements without the bands.

Day 1 Glutes Legs Abs
31 Mins

Todays session is a 30 min jog or walk. Aim to work at a " conversational pace " 60 - 70% of your max heart rate. If you dont enjoy running you can substitute any form of cardio. Following this we have an express Pilates session designed to open the hips & challenge the deep abs. No equipment needed

Day 2 Run/Walk + Express Pilates
30 min Run + 11 min Pilates

This class is designed to focus on building strength with a mix of functional fitness movements and the Pilates principles to get a full body workout.
Im using a 5kg weight but you can go heavier or lighter with the weights you have available at home.
We start with the strength based circuit followed by our Pilates circuit.

Day 3 Strength
30 Mins

Today we target the full body with some mobility exercises to lengthen and stretch sore muscles.
Pilates ball can be used for a further challenge.

Day 4 Full Body Sculpt with Mobility
27 Mins

Today's workout is designed to strengthen the upper back and arms with a strong focus on the abs.
We use the bands and the ball to challenge the body further. You can use small hand weights instead.

Day 5 Arms Abs Posture
26 Mins

Todays session is focused on zone 2 cardio. Meaning we want to keep our heart rate around 60 - 70% of your max heart rate. The pace should allow you to hold a conversation or breath through your nose. You may find you need to start walking briskly or run and walk to start with. Finish with the recovery stretch to ease sore muscles.

Day 6 Long Slow Run/Walk + Recovery Stretch
60 Mins Run + 16 Min Stretch

Its important to take rest days, you can make this week suit your schedule and take the rest day whenever suits you.

Day 7 Rest and Recovery
All day