Power Pilates Programme

7 Days

Designed to work you hard, reset your Pilates routine and most importantly feel amazing. We will be increasing the pace while still focusing on the Pilates benefits you know and love. Perfect to come back to whenever you want to feel strong and energised after just 7 days.


Welcome to Day One of the Power Pilates Programme.

Todays workout is designed to move the whole body and introduce you to the style of exercises we build on throughout the week. You will finish feeling strong and energised.

Day 1 Full Body Sculpt
25 mins

Welcome to Day Two - Glutes & Abs

This workout is short and effective focusing on strengthening and toning the glutes and the core.
I will be using a Pilates ball, you can do the workout without it and for a further challenge ankle weights can be worn.

Day 2 Glutes and Abs
23 Mins

You have made it to Day three and we focus on sculpting and strengthening the upper body. Expect extra focus on the triceps and the obliques - based on many requests.

I suggest you use a Pilates ball and small hand weights to get the most out of this workout but as always you can do the workout without.

Day 3 Upper Body + Abs
29 Mins

Day Four - Welcome to the Lower Body & Abs workout. Today we pick up the pace.

Expect to feel strong and energised as we focus in strength of the legs, glutes and Abs.

Optional Pilates ball and small hand weights.

Day 4 Lower Body + Abs
25 Mins

This is Day Five of the Power Pilates programme, well done you are doing so well! Join me for a sunset Pilates flow.

Day 5 Pilates Flow
24 Mins

Today we get into nature and get the heart rate up.

This is an express standing Power Pilates class designed to challenge the legs and connect the abs. Expect to get a sweat on and feel amazing. All done in less than 20 minutes.

If you would like a little arm work hold on to small hand weights or wrist weights

Day 6 Standing Pilates
19 Mins

Welcome to the last day of the Power Pilates programme, Well done!

Today we challenge the entire core, we work hard and focus on strength and tone.

I will be using a Pilates ball, you can do it without or use something at home (a cushion, rolled towel etc)

Day 7 Power Core
28 Mins