How to be more successful with your goal setting

Spring has sprung so summer is not too far away, but before we start making those lofty goals to hit the gym and run 10ks everyday, then end up failing and feeling deflated, here are some tips to help you set some realistic fitness goals you can actually achieve.

How important is it to make these realistic?

The more success you have in your fitness journey, the more you will stay with it. So keep this in mind when setting your goals. Set a smaller attainable goal to start with so your confidence is going to be high and you have a positive experience and you can set a new goal from there . The hardest part is starting so if your confidence is low because the goal is unrealistic then your less likely to either start or stick with it

As a trainer and instructor, what mistakes do you see clients making when they are setting their goals?

The most common mistakes are clients not making goals for themselves, it’s easy to see what everyone else is doing and think you should probably do that too , but if you’re not making the goal for yourself that’s the first mistake. You’re less likely to stick with something if it’s not really important to you.

Also, trying to do too much all at once, start a new form or exercise, change your diet , get more sleep , stretch more. Then life gets in the way and if you don’t achieve all of this you can feel like a failure. I like to set different goals in different areas of my life but it doesnt need to be all at once.

So if that is my goal to say run 5ks non stop – what do I need to do to try and achieve that?

Within your larger goal you should set smaller goals that are more achievable. We talked about building confidence and ticking off small steps like 1km then 2km will help you have a positive experience and get excited and be proud and want to continue.

Follow a plan either one you have developed yourself or a trainer has helped you make, the most success I see with my online studio is with the challenges we have new challenge each month a 2 week challenge for example with a daily workout calendar 20- 30 minutes a day it takes the work out of it and clients find themselve getting really into it.

Variation is important – as well as the running for the 5km goal you will need to stretch to strengthen the muscles like glutes and core to avoid injury.

What else should I think about when making my goal?

First of all what is driving you to set this goal. Maybe it being more active with your kids , Then we have all heard this before but making the goal measurable – otherwise it so hard to measure your success,

Make it specific or targeted , saying I want to get fitter is great, but saying I want to achieve 5k for example is more targeted

Then it’s important to set some time limits. For example on Monday I will start Pilates and commit to 3 sessions each week.

How can you keep motivated along the way?

Mix it up, not just running but Pilates on alternating days this will help you achieve your goal faster but also help you not get bored. Journalling or taking notes to help keep your focus.

Workout with others use it as time to catch up with a friend to make it more enjoyable or go to a class or get a trainer and feed off others energy. You’re not going to be motivated all the time so it’s about being disciplined and you may need help doing that.

As a trainer and an instructor how can you help someone to make these goals and to have them stick to them?

You need to try new things to get a new result , so it can be overwhelming so a professional trainer or instructor can assess your level and what you want to achieve and help set realistic goals.
We know the process of getting to that end goal and all the other factors that contribute including lifestyle factors like nutrition. We can take the stress out of it by factoring these in and planning the Pilates sessions. Also ensuring you are not making common mistakes that can lead to injury or overtraining.

Should you tell other people about your goals?

Absolutely! This will help with accountability. Choose the right people to tell people that will support you and make it easier on you ,choose the people that will be happy for you whatever you end up achieving. Lasting changes take time, so you will need people in your corner.

Any other great advice on setting those summer goals?

It’s all about confidence , everyone should be getting outside and enjoying summer. It has nothing to do with how you look but it’s about how you feel so set those goals that will make you feel confident.

Look at your previous habits if you struggle going it alone you might be better following a plan, following a designed challenge or getting a training buddy

Get your calendar out make the big goal then break it down into weekly or monthly smaller goals, get your partner or family involved.

Most importantly get really clear on that goal , can you make it more specific, start with the sentence below.
This week I am going to ….
For example: This week I am committing to 3 Pilates sessions before work

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